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    London Staff is a specialist admin recruitment agency that provides permanent and contract solutions across London. Administration, secretarial and PA staff are always in demand in various sectors in London, but medical and legal seem to dominate here.  Being part of the UK Staffing Group, we are able to leverage significant resources and our unique 20 step search and selection process.  We are confident in our service level and our ability to headhunt the best admin and PA talent in the City. 

    Office Administrators

    Referred to as the “Backbone” of their organisations, office administrators are responsible for connecting all the departments and ensuring clear lines of communication. They keep the business organised and depending on seniority can supervise other employees, manage budgets, data and human resources issues.



    Receptionists are the first point of contact with clients and guests as they welcome them at the front desk or via messages and calls. Often referred to as “gatekeepers” they manage security procedures such as managing the logbook and issuing visitor badges and deciding where to divert inbound calls.

    Personal Assistants

    Behind every C-level executive is a highly organised personal assistant who possess extremely detailed knowledge of the organisation and everyone in it.  Salaries in London vary depending on the exact duties, but generally they can range from £30,000 to £50,000. High levels shorthand and fast typing skills are required here, ideally Pitman trained or similar.

    Admin recruitment agency London

    admin Recruitment London

    admin recruitment london

    Admin Roles we Recruit:

    Salaries vary per sector

    Admin jobs in banking, law, property and finance are the highest paid sectors for admin staff. Administration Jobs in the not-for-profit sectors and smaller private businesses are at the low end of the salary scale. Salaries can start out around £20,000 to £24,000 for jobs in the City. More experienced administrators can earn up to £35,000 so further training and development is a great perk to offer when recruiting office support staff.
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    Admin Recruitment London

    Our team of specialist recruitment consultants is here to help you recruit admin professionals in London today.

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